The Un-Civil War


What began as a bitter dispute over Union and States’ Rights ended as a struggle over the meaning of freedom in America.  The American Civil War pinned brother against brother and in the end it created a nation.  At Gettysburg in 1863, Abraham Lincoln said perhaps more than he knew.  The war is about a “new birth of freedom.”

Grand View Sound Arts students are pleased to share with you “The Un-Civil War.”  Due to the lack of funding, the “Grand View Museum” must close it’s doors to the public and box items up to be stored in the Federal Archives.  Larry, the night watchman, has a visit from his son, who needs help on a school report.  With the magical touch of a finger, museum exhibits suddenly come-to-life to help students gain a better understanding of the Civil War.

Th American Civil War was the greatest war in American history, waging battles in 10,000 places.  More than three million Americans fought in the war and more than 620,000 died.  There was nothing civil about America’s Civil War.