The Impossible Mission

Words and Music by Laurie Draper

Welcome to “The Impossible Mission!” This 30-minute musical brings the exploration of the Western frontier alive in six, fun-filled, original songs as students re-enact how the Spanish Empire created the historic “mission system.” The purpose of this new mission system was to conquer new and unknown territories by developing a threefold plan, comprising of a religious, civil, and military format – better known as missions, pueblos, and presidios! In addition to learning about this important historical event, students will also learn how the Native American Indian cared for and lived in harmony with their natural environment and how the missions affected their traditional societies. This journey along the “El Camino Real” (the trail that linked a chain of 21 missions) comes with interdisciplinary classroom enrichment activities. What better way to include arts education in the core curriculum, than with “The Impossible Mission?” Your young student performers will be the first to proudly say, “Mission Accomplished!”

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Our Current Production

Trading Holidays
Performance Dates: Deceber 8th & 10th
9:00 am & 7:00 pm
Performing Arts Center
2617 Bell Avenue • Manhattan Beach


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