Words and Music by Laurie Draper

Did you know that Christopher Columbus originally set out to discover the rich ports of Asia, but instead discovered the Bahama Islands, Cuba, and San Salvador? During the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries just about every explorerwho sailed beyond the horizon to find new lands thought he knew where he was going. In fact, most were terribly lost and stumbled upon unknown places. Their discoveries may have been accidental, but they changed the map of the world and the course of history! “Lost” is the telling of these Age of Discovery heroes. Only in this case, the explorers stay on track with the help of a friendly feline named Hero. Sound Arts welcomes you as they explore the discovery, known as America.


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Performance Dates: Deceber 8th & 10th
9:00 am & 7:00 pm
Performing Arts Center
2617 Bell Avenue • Manhattan Beach


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